December 7, 2011

hannmaid by Hannah Cross

I bumped into Hannah Cross at the South Melbourne Market a few weeks ago on an after work adventure with friends Melanie and Emma to score some seriously cool accessories before Christmas. Hannah makes and design beautiful little badges with bicycles on them, not just badges but necklaces* and cufflinks as well.

I immediately asked for an interview, because when you're bike obsessed, you're bike obsessed. You tend to be automatically drawn to things with bikes on them and I thought I'd share Hannah's products with you, its sweet and inexpensive in a time when watching purse strings is important.

Below are the questions that I asked Hannah, I wanted to know where she fitted in, in the bike scene and why she incorporated bikes so heavily into her business.

What can you tell us about yourself?

Since I was young I have enjoyed craft and spending weekends at my Nana’s creating individual textiles, quilts, wall hangers, toys and cushions. I am passionate about all things related to textile design. Growing up in the country,  my siblings and I would often spend our free time entertaining ourselves outdoors amongst the elements. As a little kid, embraced being involved in every sport possible and also creating quirky handmade products with girlfriends at weekends. I'll never forget riding around the town centre with my friends in hot pink fur leg warmers thinking that we were the coolest kids in town.

How did the brand hannmaid come about?

Alongside my studies in Textile Design I wanted to create a unique line of products that reflect my passion and desire to keep handmade skills and products alive in a world that now relies heavily on mass production. My other interests are in travel & the outdoors and a lot of my inspiration comes from what I have experienced whilst traveling Europe, Asia and South America. It is also important to me to combine my passions for colour and textiles with my love of bike riding, camping, the Australian bush and the sporting culture that stands out here in Australia.

What made you decide to incorporate bicycles into the theme?

I’m surrounded by cycling obsessed people who have influenced my love of riding. I wanted to reinvent an existing product and showcase the bicycle influence in my life and textiles as a main centerpiece.


What is your favourite product with a bicycle included in the design?

I love writing snail mail and think the Write to Me girls from Melbourne create gorgeous cycling cards that are a perfect addition to a pair of hannmaid bike cufflinks as a pressie for someone close!

Is cycling a part of your life? What sort of cyclist are you?

Since I was young I rode a bike to school, then to work and now to school again (Tafe) so I guess I am a commuter. I also don’t mind a spin on my road bike with friends on a weekend, but I'm definitely a fair weather rider and the less cars the better; I’m a little bit accident prone.

You're involved with a charity called Carpets for Communities, who are they and who do they support?

In a nutshell, it is a 100% volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation that helps break the cycle of poverty in Poipet, Cambodia. This is achieved by training/hiring mothers to hand-hook gorgeous rugs from post-production t-shirt offcuts. This has very successfully been helping them earn an above-average wage-keeping their kids in school and off the streets, where they are prone to trafficking and prostitution.

Why are you supporting them? How can we support them?

When Carpets for Communities approached me last month about sponsorship I thought it was very fitting to be part of their event this month called 'Spinning Dreams in Cambodia'. On the evening of Saturday December 10 from 7 pm  until 10 pm at the Flemington Community Centre they will show an inspiring and moving documentary on the 400km cycling journey that 9 young cyclists undertook across Indo-China to raise awareness for sustainable livelihood's and development. This is a 7-city, international event occurring on the same day around the world, and we are doing the Melbourne portion.

How can we buy your product this Christmas?

hannmaid cycling cufflinks are available for purchase online at in my online shop and selected stockists throughout Australia which are also listed on my website.
Hannah is currently working on making pendants for the ladies who love bikes but do not wear cufflinks, which will be available in early

You can purchase Hannah's products at and you can also click here to go straight to the stockists page, SheRides Cycling would like to thank Hannah for her time and we wish her the best of luck we look forward to hearing more about any other creations that she comes up with.

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