November 24, 2010

RMGsports Electric Blue Women's Kit

RMGsports is a cycle clothing label in the making. Headed by Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Rochelle Gilmore; she is the first to admit that she isn’t a designer. She has however, been able to convey her thoughts and ideas into a design that she was after, into an attractive cycling kit that is now available for both men and women.

The Jersey

The colour of the women's jersey that I received can only be described as electric blue; I could sit in the sun and look at these colours all day. The jersey has the trademark name of RMG on the front and the back with the word velocista just below.

My first impressions where that it was a cool looking jersey that was neither overly feminine or overly masculine. As a woman, if you don't want to look too girly on the bike but still want a touch of sophistication, then this jersey ticks the boxes.

The primarily black full zip jersey has regular length sleeves and thankfully don’t have tight elastic that restricts the blood flow in your arms or waist plus it has 3 pockets at the back for your prized possessions.

The pockets are deceiving, from just a quick glance I thought they where smaller, but I managed to fit in; a protein bar, 2 x spare tube, 2 x CO2 canisters, CO2 adapter, 3 tyre levers, 3 gels, lip gloss and iPhone.

Bib Knicks

The electric blue colours are reprinted on the bib knicks and they make for an exciting design. For my first ride in the shorts I spent more time looking at the colours than I did at the road, its buyer beware in this case.

Everything stays in place with bib Knicks; you also have the added bonus that there are no lines or stripes so you have a slimmer look, which I love.

If you haven’t already been converted to bib knicks, now is a good time to start. The leg on these bib knicks aren’t extremely short , which I know concerns a lot of women. I would consider them to be regular length or just above the knee.

The bib knicks fit very well and the chamois isn’t too thick or thin nor is it too large, which is great as a chamois that is two big can rub you in all the wrong places.

Rochelle’s experience in creating the RMGsports velocista cycling wear shows through, she knows what it its like to be in the saddle for many hours and this has translated very well.

The Verdict

Overall I like the package. I like that it isn’t too girly, and that it still has a really good feel to it, the fabrics are nice and it washes without any fuss. The fit is comfortable, the jersey sizing does lean more towards a race fit, go with your exact measurements and they will be just right.

Rochelle has a lot of other designs on her site so if electric blue isn’t your thing and you do like pink, then check out, there is something for everyone. I’ve even had a lot of positive comments from men, they would wear some of the kits

November 9, 2010

Melbourne Bikefest 2010

Bikefest features art, design, forums, workshops, markets, music, screenings, bike rides and more. Just looking at the website for the Melbourne Bike Fest makes my head spin; it is a non-competitive, celebratory event for bike riders of every ability and riding style.

Bikefest takes place from the 24th – 28th of November. I’ve been through the website; I’ve clicked this and that and I’ve decided on what I think will be a good time and informative.
Here are my tips for Bikefest, highglights that are informative and a little left of centre…

2010 Treadly Awards – It’s an event for everyday cyclists, how many people can you fit on your bike? There really is a category for how many people you can fit on your bike. Here are the awards that are up for grabs:

• Sexiest Commuter Bike

• Biggest Load Carrying Capacity

• Most People on a Bicycle

• Fastest Puncture repair

• Best Dressed (+ least lycra) on a bicycle

Interested in Art? Then Rollin Contact may be the place for you: The name Rollin Contact draws from physics terminology to describe the point of contact between a wheel and its surface. For Bikefest, it represents the themes of connection and commonality between people and bikes. Between bikes and art. Between art and people.

Want to know more about the specific bike crowds and why they buy what they buy? Interested in consumer research or need to know more about trends? Bike Tribes: The Role of Design will be featuring people from Knog, Rocket Fuel, Gazelle Bicycles Australia and Little Mule Co.

Why bother with a drive in when you can go to a ‘ride in’… Projector Bike is presenting two film nights across the program, get yourself sorted, find something with two wheels and come along.

In the true style of Melbourne, the Bikefest Great Debate is on! Cars vs. cyclist, an argument by comedians, keep in mind this is only for the light hearted. Click here for the run down on who’ll be speaking and to secure your tickets. Moderated by Josh Earl and featuring comedian debaters; Hannah Gadsby, Charlie Pickering, Bart Freebairn, Lawrence Leung, Harley Breen and Andrew McLelland.

This session is very high on my list of things to not miss – Cultural Shift: Women on Bikes. Creating a cultural shift within society starts with women; can women change the perception of bike riders? Panelists are joining this session from Monash, Travel Behavior Change at GHD, the new mag called Treadlie, Green Magazine and the State of Design.

You will find Bikefest details, programs and tickets (average $12) online: Unless otherwise specified on the program, most sessions and events will be held at the 1000 £ Bend space at 361 Little Lonsdale Street.

November 6, 2010

2010 UCI World Cup Track Classics: Melbourne

The UCI World Cup Classic kicks off in Melbourne as the first qualifier for the 2012 Olympic Games. 250 athletes from 35 different countries are preparing for the event which will see World, Olympic and Commonwealth Champions competing.

The three day event is action packed, the Melbourne committee has opted for the 500m time trial in which Anna Meares holds the world Championship title, along with the Madison, won by Cameron Meyer and Leigh Howard at the 2010 World Championships. Australia still dominates the field as reigning world champions in the women's and men’s team pursuits and the women’s team sprint.

Australia's sprint Queen, Anna Meares, says the Cyclones relish the opportunity to race in front of a home crowd and look forward to again being the top team in this round.

Throughout the Dehli Commonwealth Games, Meares Meares made it clear that the Australians are "getting set to take on all comers and as the first World Cup round to offer qualifying points for the 2012 Olympic Games we'll be extra keen to impress."

If you have never seen track racing up close before and want to check out something different, the UCI World Cup Classics is the perfect opportunity to find out what it’s all about.

The 2010/2011 UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics is a four part series that begins in Australia (Melbourne  2 to 4 December) and continues on to Columbia (Cali 16 to 18 December), China (Beijing 21 to 23 January) and England (Manchester 18 to 20 February).

For updated event schedule and ticketing information head to: