October 10, 2010

Review: E-One professional hair removal

The E-One is professional hair removal in the privacy of your own home, no longer do you need to see a professional as this device is the first of its kind that has been approved for private use.

The E-One is a personal epilator which uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology packed into a small unit for home use. In 2007 the E-One received an innovation award on French national TV for inventor of the year.

I received the product at the beginning of the Tour de France, I knew this would be a great time to get started and for all the ‘Euro’ cyclists out there this would be a perfect time to get started, especially if you want silky, soft legs for those long summer days in the saddle.

Safe to Use?
This is the first and only medical IPL device in the world certified for personal use at home, the E-One meets the 60601-1 European standard regarding medical device, which is a reputable confirmation that it can be safely used by at the home.

Each device is unique in that each device has it'ss own serial number and that the service that they provide you with is personal to each machine, they keep a history of your details and any problems that you may have with the machine, if only everyone provided a service like this.
E-One accessories

The E-One comes with safety glasses to protect your eyes from the IPL. The glasses must be worn when you start a treatment with the E-One Hair Removal Device until you turn it off. The safety glasses also have to be worn by the people around you during that time. The glasses are essential to protect your eyes from the light of the flash.

Optical Gel is required and this comes with the E-One. The gel is applied to the skin before flashing it with the E-One, it’s similar to the gel that’s used in ultrasound scans.

Patches will cover small areas that you don’t want to flash, for example, moles should be covered.

I didn’t have any problems using the product, nor was I concerned about my safety even though I had seen some TV programs about permanent scarring, I experienced none of this and when I discussed this with E-One they said they had had no cases of permanent scarring. You can read more about the safety here.

How it actually works
For all conditions -  light skin or tanned skin, on most hair types, in summer or in winter - after only a few sessions at home treated hair won’t regrow anymore and the skin will maintain its softness.

Approximately 8 days after each treatment, effectively treated hairs will start to fall out progressively (on average 15 days ). Once they have fallen out, they may start to regrow after 40 to 60 days. There is no need to be alarmed – after numerous treatment sessions; hair regrowth will be continuously thinner and less populated.

After about 10 to 12 treatments (separated approx. 2 months apart), only 1 or 2 uses per year should be required to keep skin clear and hair free.

I only used the product for 5 months and I used it 4 times, over this time I did notice a difference in the amount of hair growth, I also noticed that the hair that that grows back is a lot softer and in some areas not as thick.

On area such as the legs there is no pain  whilst performing the treatments, users will notice a slight tingle on more sensitive areas such as the bikini area, and underarms.

I used the device primarily on my legs and bikini area, I found that the legs were a totally pain free  whereas the bikini area was much more sensitive. When using the device on the bikini area I felt a little zap, but it wasn’t something that I would rate as painful, I would consider it to be a mild discomfort at the least.

What I thought?
It does take some practice to get used to using the device; I read the instructions a few times and found the book very easy to understand. As a very busy person I found the device time consuming when I first used it, which is understandable as you refer to the instructions and play with all the different buttons.

When I used the E-one the second time it was a lot easier to use as I was more familiar with the device and the controls and how to use it.
I enjoyed the product and I like that the hair regrowth was minimised after each session.

What’s it cost?
At $2,890.00 it’s not exactly what I would call cheap, though if you add up the cost of disposable razors and trips to the salon for the next 10 years then you can recover you purchase price over time
If you’re a couple of cyclists who are living a double income and no kid’s lifestyle, then it is worth considering.

Who does it suit?
I think this product suits the sort of person who is budget conscious and who adds up all of the cost over the long run. Though if you’re the sort of person that likes to have the latest toys and can’t think of what to buy next, then this is also the right product for you.

For women, if you feel self-conscious when getting your bikini area waxed, then this is the perfect option for you.

You can view more information about E-One hair removal and purchase online at www.e-one.com.au.


  1. Hi there! Every single person that has reviewed this great e-one but for some reason no one really convinces me that it really can work and eventually get rid of unwanted hair for ever. I'm thinking of buying one but I guess I still need to find some more reviews about the accuracy of the outcome of the product. Paying so much money at least it should have an absulute answear that yes it can n yes it is permenant. Thnx.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the comment.

    My understanding of the way the product works and what I discovered is as follows.

    Over time as you use the product the need to use it becomes less and less, but you have to use it consistently overtime. So yes it will become permanent over time.

    I was very suprised at how it really did reduce the growth of the hair and the thickness, I initially thought, "no... couldn't be."

    Have you spoken with the company, Aurelian would be happy to speak with you I'm sure.

    I apologise for commenting so late.

    I hope it goes well, let us know if you do get one and what your thoughts of the product where like.


  3. hey! i'm constantly checking the reviews of this product and so far everyone that has kida reviewed have been asked by e-one to take the trial and report and obviously they all report a postive report! however i'm going to buy one soon as i still need to save some more money lol but sometimes im thinking if i leave it for after new year when the vat is going up perhaps the prize of e-one will go up and right now they seem to be doing some limited edditions and premimer offers when would i be more likely to benefit from this now or after new year? cheers.

    1. The quicker you buy it the quicker you can start taking advantage of it and becoming hair free. I was the same but I finally just went for it and bought it. You can check out my review if you want.

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  7. Like you said that every single review of it says that its great, what more convincing do you need. There has even been a study done on the E One and its printed in an actual Journal showing positive results. Can't really get any more authentic than a journal to be honest. I would say go for it and stop holding back. Trust me you won't regret it!

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